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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  August 27, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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holding a hijacked ship off the coast of somalia. opened fire on a u.s. navy helicopter. senator edward kennedy today began his final journey through the streets of a state that elected him to the u.s. senate nine times. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm wendy rieger. doreen is off this evening. senator kennedy was taken from his family's home on cape cod to the jfk library in boston. he arrived late this afternoon. steve handelsman is in boston this evening to talk about this. >> reporter: good evening from the jfk library in boston where senator kennedy's coffin has arrived. been taken inside and nearly 100 members of the kennedy can't are paying their respects. when they come out, there is a big line of the general public here. one security officialed 1600. it could be many more than that. the line stretches off into the distance and thousands of others in this area have already paid their respects and as the senator's motorcade made its way
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here. senator edward kennedy began his final journey. his casket carried from the family's legendary home at hyannis port. the whole kennedy clan had gathered to joyfully and tearfully remember the family patriarch. earlier there had been a private family mass. the procession would leave cape cod and make its way through massachusetts neighborhoods on its way to boston. along the way, throngs of people who think of teddy kennedy as a hero. like the disabled for whom kennedy pushed through the americans with disabilities act. in boston's historic north end, pat and john were waiting. >> i love him. i can't talk about it or else i will cry. >> heard about the motorcade passing through so we thought we would show our respects. >> reporter: ted kennedy helped her and her husband get their papers to become u.s. citizens. >> we thought he was one of the people that helped the i am
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zbrants come onboard so i think, like myself -- a lot of people have a lot of respect for the kennedys. >> reporter: joel martina respected ted kennedy. >> if it was than for him, up wouldn't have a black president. >> reporter: another admirer is republican john in cane. he will deliver a eulogy at ted kennedy's funeral on saturday. they were political rivals and friends. >> watch the debate -- once the debate was over, we would embrace and we would -- go on to the next battle. and find ways in which we could work together for the good of the country. >> reporter: the senator's procession made its way through boston. and as massachusetts and america mourned. >> back live at the jfk library. where the senator will lie in repose. they will open the library new minute to members of the general public. the viewing is at 11:00 and will extend it if more people show up. no matter how long it goes on at
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least one one member of the kennedy family will be here in person to thank those who come by to pay their respects. live from boston, steve handelsman, news4. wendy, back to you. >ytait with n o cw asbng for contico gt in ravengf oco ismistory. wal ur hwehof til we wil t preparatioelutorns f s preparations for senator kennedy's funeral at arlington national cemetery. the police in prince william county rescue ad baby from a burning car thismorning. car caught fire aft fert ish sma to a peap o hdnenugin r n i appened on rug b na stjuentsst before the pice trio ol p tel t pedo pull over the driver. jackie bensen has our report. >> reporter: a tiny 7-month-old baby girl in the ack of this car when itlammed into some stone columns in front of a house on rug by road in manassas. luckily she was in a car seat and that is where prince william county police officer boyler found her. >> i was able to get her out.
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i got her out of the car. still in her car seat and i set her down by my car on the brass and went back to address the driver. >> about 5:45 a.m. the officer was working an anti-speeding patrol on old centreville road when s says a dark sedan sped past. when he tried to stop it the driver accelerated. the officer did not give chase but followed the car after it turned on to rug by road. that's where bobby williams was sitting in his living room watching tv. >> i heard the banging going on. come across the road there. and the curb there. come across and hit the fence. reporter: pieces of the concrete and stone pillars remain strewn over the yard at nd shows of impact the force with which the car was traveling. the officer arrived moments after the crash. >> the driver was trying to flee when i got there. and so i got out of the car and he didn't make it too far because of his injuries. going to apprehend him and he told me there was a by by in the back seat of the car.
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>> reporter: neighbor bobby williams has his own thoughts about the incident. >> what? couldn't believe that. anybody going that fast anyway. you don't drive like that with kids in the car. >> reporter: the little girl's father, 23-year-old gustavo diaz batista, is undergoing surgery at this time and faces charges of driving on a revoked license and being in the u.s. illegally. in manassas, jackie bensen, news4. it is also possible that the suspect in that case could face charges of child endangerment. >> vandals creed a mess in prince george's county this morning. it was in palmer park. police say about 30 cars had their tires slashed near palmer park road and bender road. the vandals slashed holes in a number of above-groundwater lines. causing water to spray all over the street. investigators are checking to see if a security camera in the area was able to catch whoever did this. police say this they don't have any suspects right now. trouble with danny churning
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out in the lapt particular ocean. >> it will be near us, jim. on off the coast. staying off the coast. i-want to show you a great -- over the last two days that this is from the folks over at nasa goddard. you can see a weather front coming our way. there is the circulation of zany. notice how that low level circulation is really the circulation center. much of all of this cloudiness and thundershowers well to the east. very latest track takes danny off the cot, keeping it off the coast but nonetheless we are going to be seeing heavy surf for folks heading o to the beach areas. from every indication, most of all of the heavy rains will be staying well off the coast. this area of clouds, we will be seeing coming our way tomorrow with rain showers of our own. not from danny. we have a little line of showers. bringing a few evening showers, too. i will tell you about that. outlook for our own weekend in washington. right now danny, no major impact in the general washington area. back to you. >> thank you, bob pch. michael vick is expected to make his return to the nfl
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tonight when the eagles play the jaguars in a preseason game. earlier today vick was in bankruptcy court in virginia. a judge approved his plan to repay $20 million of debt. part of that plan requires him to liquidate $9 million in assets, includes his houses, boats, expensive suvs. once disgraced nfl star served 18 months in federal prison on dogfighting charges. we will have more on tonight's game coming up in sports. several pieces of good news today regarding the u.s. economy. the economy shrank less than expected in theonec sd quarter. the number of first-time jobss aims are down. s i a positive .eadne f tsayodor big uay..s auo s r.ed nemecseisy po while the economy seems poised gsob rnarnd couinat jre is still the bottom line. brian mooar has our report. >> ford is adding ifts and bringing back a few thousand workers to keep up with the sudden demand for pickups and suvs. for the auto industry, it h
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been a hot summer thanks to uncle sam's cash for clunkers program. but the u.s. economy is still struggling to get traction. >> almost all of it is stimulus related. so if the stimus begins to fade early next year, it will, then we may need to see more. >> reporter: the economy is still contracting slightly but less than expected. gross domestic products fell 1% in the second quarter. first time jobless claims improved from $580,000 two weeks ago to $570,000 last week. but the real concern is about the 1.5 million unemployed americans whose unemployment benefits will run out by year's end. half aillion will lose their benefits by the end of next month. >> the economists only expect it to grow 2.5% a year. that don't bring down unemployment. >> reporter: federal depossible it insurance corporation which ensures the nation's banks, said it is braced for more failure
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but sees overall signs of recovery. >> combined with economic news in reese end weeks, hopeful this will be the moderation of credit problem misthe coming quarters. >> reporter: with word corporate spending and profits are rebounding, there's hope the economy is a step closer to recovery. economists are still worried about consumer spending. the engine this keeps our economy running. brian mooar, news4, washington. williams got to close tring closing bell today. stock prices are up. dow closed 37 points higher. nasdaq picked up three points on the day. the new york stock exchange added 34 points. health care debate isn't getting any calmer. yet another emotional exchange on health care. this time in phoenix, arizona. senator john mccain was on the receiving end. he just opened the meeting when a woman in the audience began
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shouting him down. >> we need -- ma'am, you are going to have to -- you are going to have to stop or you are going to have to leave. >> other audience members cheered when security officers approached the woman. she was evicted. later senator mccain told the crowd he would fight for health care reform but said again this he does not support the public option favored by president obama and many other democrats. coming up, somali pirates opened fire on the u.s. navy helicopter. we are going to hear from a 13-year-old that survivor ad commercial plane crash that killed more than 150 people. >> a member of the obama administration may have been the victim of identity theft. >> a man accused of bilking investors out of $7 billion is now in the hospital. >> the national was some fireworks big time at wrigley field this afternoon. tiger returns to the golf course for first time after his meltdown at the pga championship. plus, it is the redskins' welcome home luncheon.
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find out which players are the best dressed or which ones at least say they are.s
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authorities in california believe they have found a woman who was kidnapped when s she waa child 1 years ago. 11-year-old j.c. dugard disappeared from outside her home in lake tahoe back in 1991. sheriff's officials say that a woman has come forward claiming to be dugard. dna tests are under way. but investigators say that they are almost certain the woman is telling truth. at the time of the abduction, witnesses reported seeing two people take the little girl. sheriff's officials say that two people have now been taken into custody. in june an airliner headed to a small nation of comaros killed more than 150 people. when rescue crew ace arrived they found one survivor in
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broken pieces of aircraft, a 13-year-old girl clinging to debris and shark-infested waters. tonight she's talking about the crash for the first time. michael flynn has our report. >> reporter: the 13-year-old survived the unimaginable. the other 153 people aboard flight 626 did not. she remembers sitting right next to her mother moments before the crash. i looked out the port sxhoel the plane started to shake, she said. they didn't tell us there was going to be a rough landing. the flight originated in paris on june 29th and stopped in yemen where the airbus 330 was swapped for a 19-year-old airbus 31 befeonortinued on to the small off can't nation of comoros. over the indian ocean, the plane went down. i fell the water around me, she said. she found herself in the ocean and no sign of her mother. in pitch darkness the girl clung
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to debris from the plane and floated alone in shark-infested waters. i heard women crying, she says. others were alive in the water but she couldn't see them. she was too far away. the voices would soon fade and eight hours later, a fishing boat found her and then flew to paris to be reunited with her father and that's where doctors broke the terrible news. a psychologist came to see me. he told me my mother wouldn't be coming, she recalls. i was the only one alive, she says. then i understood. the 13-year-old's injuries were only bruises and a broken collarbone. the cause of the crash is still unknown. investigators are homing to recover the plane's black boxes at the bottom of the indian ocean. that's one lucky girl. jim, back to you. >> indeed. michael flynn, thanks, michael. pirates in somalia fired on a u.s. military helicopter yesterday. it happened off the coast of
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somalia. the navy provided video of the incident. helicopter was making a routine flyover of a ship that's been held captive by pirates since back in april. navy officials say if the helicopter was passing overhead the pirates fired large caliber weapons. aircraft was not hit and nobody was injured. a texas financier charged with bilking investors out of billions of dollars has been hospitalized. alan stanford who led the houston based financial group has been moved from a privately run prison to a hospital because of an inrer heartbeat and high pulse. his condition is not known. stafford h been in jail since june and scheduled to appear in federal court today about getting a new lawyer. his trip to the hospital happened to occur a few hours before his former chief financial officer became the first person to plead guilty in this case. federal investigators are wrapping up their investigation into new mexico's governor, bill richardson. and allegations of what they call pay-to-play politics.
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the investigation involves state bond deals awarded to one of richardson's largest campaign own donors. a source close to the case told the associated press richardson will not be charged. the source also said the decision not to pursue indictments was made by high-ranking members of the justice department. the investigation caused richdson to withdraw his nomination for commerce secretary earlier this year. although he said he expected at that time to be cleared. the latest victims of idtity theft reached the highest level of our country's financial system according to "newsweek" magazine. elaborate scheme reportedly targeted the personal bank account of federal reserve chairman ben bernanke and his wife. the d.c. police report says bernanke's purse was stolen a year ago at a capitol hill starbucks. her social security card, checkbook and other i.d. was inside. court records show a washington man, george reid, confessed to depositing checks from the bernankes 'agriculture account. family reported -- one of about
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500 incidents linked to a single crime ring. coming up tonight we will tell you how much money a maryland lawmaker is reimbursing police after he stage ad fake raid to propose to his girlfriend. we will tell you about a rock slide in yosemite national park. >> bob has oedup.
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is our weekend going to be washout? >> no. surf and danny boy will be off the coast a little bit. but not right around our neck of the woods. outside today we e dsomf o thubclou bbling up, trying to make a few scattered showers. and then we are going to be seeing some more scattered showers as we go through the evening. here is our sky watcher in time lapse. little more heat from the city and some of those clouds out to the east bubbling up a bit. our temperature, high temperature today. we made it to 09 again. as a matter of fact, made it to
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91 degrees last august. and we only had search 90-degree days this is our 12th for august. temperature 79 degrees last year. hazy out there with the dew points still at 70. so it feels like it is above 85 degrees. look at the temperatures around the east. dropped down to 84. weather front to o north into the 60s and 70s. not only that but there's drier air. but we are going to be right near that boundary which is trying to come through and with humid air to the south, rains down in georgia. it sets the stage for a fair a rain and rain showers tomorrow. knoxville, tennessee, had over 2 1/2 inches of rain. there you can see some showers for you folks in frederick county. these are scattered and nothing -- didn't see any lightning and few more outdoor the shenandoah valley. get a general idea of the boundary that's moving to our south by tomorrow morning. here is where the more important rain showers are now.
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asheville into southwestern parts of virginia. look at georgia. they have been catching it down there. lot of that moisture coming our way as we go through tomorrow. marietta, georgia, had over three inches of rain for the day. over five inches for the month. ocean city, on the other hand, beautiful day with an onshore breeze. temperature right now at 84 degrees. if you are at ocean city or heading out 209 to the beaches here is what we have to keep our eye on. circulation, most of the sicklation with danny, is that the surface is well to the -- west of where all of this cloudiness and showers and thundershowers are. because of the track and because even though it has decreased wind speed to 50 miles an hour, and as it gets closer there is now a tropical storm watch from duck to southern parts of north carolina. around ocean city, as it goes by, during the day on saturday, we seas will build and two to four feet along ocean city. even with the uncertainty the
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track is still showing itself remaining well off the coast and not any big threat to the washington area or around the bay. tomorrow we will have that weather front near us. and with the humidity still coming up above us, that's the reason we get all of these -- those are the areas of showers and then here come danny. off the coast, moving up. bringing heavy rains to new england. to new england. as we go through late saturday. meantime, partly cloudy, temperatures for the remainder of the evening, low to mid 80s. and tomorrow morning when you get up and head out i think there will be a lot of clouds and probably some showers around. especially for you folks more to the south, southern medical, towards fredericksburg. we will see showers, rumble of thunder. not enough for severe weather. with the clouds and light easterly -- more southeasterly wind, our temperatures tomorrow will be near 80 degrees. anything from dny would pass, i think, by sat dey afternoon. saturday we may see some afternoon sunshine.
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still a bit hume id and little weather front may give as you chance for showers on sunday. again, not a washout. after everything moves by, mid part of next week, nice low humidity and lot of sunshine. >> excellent good we will keep you posted. danny not a threat to the coast. >> preparations at arlington national cemetery for senator edward kennedy. >> construction project that will cut down -- shut down or cause major delays on i-95 in virginia. maryland lawmaker had to pay police back after he used them with an elaborate marriage propose zblal we will hear from the superintendent of prince george's county public schools about a schedule mix-up that forced students to spend the first couple of days of class in the gym and cafeteria. coming up in sports, chris cooley's teammates poked fun at his fat head. tiger makes a return to the golf course. plus, a play at the plate might
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have save state department day for the nationals. "news4 at 6:00" continues. b
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a look at stories making headlines tonight. >> prie william county police officer credited with save agbai by from a burning car after the
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infant's father tried to run away from the wreck. the officer tried to pull the man over for speedinin manassas today. the driver kept going and hit a stonewall. the car caught fire and his baby daughter was still inside. e officer pulled pulled the baby safely from the car. the father is in the hospital being held without bond. michael vick was in bankruptcy court in virginia today. a judge there approved vick's plan to repay $20 million in debt. this evening vick will make his philadelphia debut in a preseason game with the eagles. we will have more on that coming up in our sports report. the agency that guarantees bank depossible tonight the u.s. says the economy is showing signs of recovery that will translate into fewer credit problems in coming months. other signs of recovery the economy shrank less than expected in the second quarter and the number of first-time jobless claims is also down. coming up, prince george's
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county school superintendent is addressing a scheduling mix-up that forced students to spend their first days in the cafeteria and auditorium. the launch much has been delayed yet again. the government is planning to use webcast to distribute important swine flu information. senator ted kennedy is now lying in repose at the jfk presidential library in boston. the motorcade carrying his body traveled to 70-mile route past several thousand mourners today. drivers stopped their cars on overpasses hoping to catch a glimpse of it all. several hours of public visitation are planned at the library over the next two days. then kennedy's body will be taken to arlington national cemetery. chris gordon has our report. >> reporter: what president kennedy was assassinated in november of 1993 his brother, senator ted kennedy, began a journey if arlington cemetery that would be repeated when his
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brother robert was killed. we have seen the pictures of ted kennedy bearing the burden of his family's loss, standing alone before the eternal flame that marks the kennedy gravesite at arlington and now he will be brought here to be buried near his brothers. senator kennedy's first press aide when he came to washington in 1962 was terry robinson. she served him through his time of loss ask now she's been invited to boston to be with his family and friends as they say farewell. >> the perfect place for him to be -- have the viewing. he worked so hard and i would -- i started -- the kennedy library and the -- library meant so much to him the john f. kennedy library. it is the perfect place. >> reporter: senator kennedy will be flown from massachusetts to andrews air force base. and then a motorcade will bring him here. arlington national cemetery, the
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kennedy gravesite is open to the public. but will be closed on saturday for a private service. senator kennedy's death has had an impact on young and old. americans and visitors from abroad who paid their respects at the eternal flame. >> yes. part of history. yes. have been there. >> such an historic time. >> means so much because i'm originally from massachusetts. i'm an ex-vet. coming to arlington cemetery means an awful lot. >> reporter: senator kennedy will be buried with congressional honors. and military salute. chris gordon, news4, arlington ws and n and oo stay with yo t for continuing coverage of this story. d.c. police are investigating a deadly shooting that involved a police officer. the officer shot and killed a suspect at a gas station in the
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3300 block of benning road northeast about 3:30 this morning. police say the man was banging on the window of the cashier's booth and had a gun. officers say the suspect wouldn't drop the gun. when one of the officers opened fire and opened fire, struck the vehicle. the suspect. he died at an area hospital. the officer who fired the shot, five-year veteran, has been put on paid administrative leave. if you have driven in northern virginia, it is likely you have seen the huge bottle neck on i-95 in the area of lorton. a project aimed at easing traffic congestion is under way. in delays in ot dtiir oecohs. binuig ld i bib shotf directions of between betweenin ngtewonnd a te elrnalat wy it alternately it will allowil thousands more doors pass throhar t he but in theterm,rm,te off constr overnight hours. >> 5:00 a.m. we are out of here.
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we ask motorists to bear with us during that time. if they get caught up in there, midnight or 1:00 in the morning, hang aroun 15, 20 minutes, they ill find it will on15 up and flush through. l il w lbe lan completed in ph.asesas i- ate ound ai faxth b nen 1 rteou and the fairfax cpaoutey ntrkway wi be finishedhisy year. southbound lanes inhare aa are scheduled for aplom cetion e ffaom oll 2010. and the new l oaneset b renweou 1 and rte en120 23 in both rections should be complete by the fall of 2011. a maryland lawmaker has reimbursed the baltimore police for a marriage proposal stunt that involved department resources. it was august 7 at the inner harbor. jon cardin took his fiancee and -- girlfriend and a few friends on a boat ride. a short time later, police boarded the boat and pretended to search for contraband. while a police helicopter flew overhead. cardin then popped the question. the lawmakers has since apologized.
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toda he submit ad $300 check to the police department. we are told the amount is based on the hourly rate paid to the officers involved. which lasted -- incident lasted about 15 minutes as well as the cost of the fuel for the helicopter. in the district today, mayor adrian fenty was still refusing to answer more questions about how his young sons were enrolled in an elementary school outside of the family's neighborhood. the sons in the fourth grade are attending a d.c. public school now for the first time. tom sherwood is here with more. >> reporter: flashes of anger from the mayor but no answers to the questions. on news4 this morning, mayor fenty politely but formally turned awith a questions about how his sons got in a popular elementary school not near their home. >> my kids are just like any other kids. you don't go around asking people these wild questions about, you know, what school your kids are going to go to. whether they are out of
6:37 pm
boundary. how they get there >> i want to talk to you about the school. >> yeah. >> reporter: mayor's fenty polite mood turned testy as reporters peppered him with questions about how his sons got into lafayette elementary. a high-achieving school not in the fenty home neighborhood. >> i'm not going to answer any more -- please, stop asking me. >> reporter: fenty refuses to say he broke no rules. >> i'm not answering any more questions about lafayette or my kids. >> we are not asking you about ur kids. we are asking you about the process can you simply assure -- >> right. you asked me this question every day for the last three day. >> i understand. >> you are the number one political reporter for a city paper. you have to -- at some point find another issue to ask me about. i'm in charge of a $10 billion budget. i am asking you to please respect the fact that i -- my
6:38 pm
kids' personal life and privacy needs to be respect. >> mr. mayor, ai agree with that. that's why i try to frame the question not anything about your children but to say you follow the process. i'm not going the ask you any details. >> again, you can ask me about process, about anything else, except anything having to do with my kids. i'm not going to answer any more questions about my kids. >> reporter: the mayor's sons normally would be enrolled at west elementary, less regarded school a few blocks from the fenty home. it has drawn intense discussion among some parents about whether there was any fenty favor advertise. >> many accountability -- >> how long are we going to stand here having this .eowknea just let m know. >> as long as we can. >> i'm not going to say anything different. >> reporter: mayor fenty insisted he has been busy improving all city schools and would be happy to talk about that. wendy, back to you. >> tom sherwood, thank you, tom. apology today from the school superintendent in prince
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george's county about a scheduling mistake that's disrupted the first week of class for some students. when the bells rang on monday, 8,000 kids had no class schedules. they were sent to the gym and the cafeteria and other holding areas while administrators tried to fix it. by today, that number was down to about 2,000. is up william hite calls what happened inexcusable. >> went to offer my sincere apologies to the students, families, and the staff of prince george's county public schools. for the inconvenience and disruption to the school year that this scheduling issue imposed. >> dr. hite says the problem was caused by a computer system called school map. he says they are reviewing their contract with that company to see if there are damages that can be recovered because of this. a local museum may be the new home for an historical artifact from america's civil era. the casket emmett till was
6:40 pm
buried in may be sent to the smith seasonian's museum of african museum history and culture. it is set to open in d.c. in 2015 15. emility till was the teenager lynched in mississippi allegedly for whistng at a white woman. the casket held till's body from his death in 1955 until the body was exhumed in 2005 for an fbi investigation into accomplices in that murder. still ahead in our broadcast, fires still burning in northern and southern california. >> we will tell why you shuttle "discovedelayed yet de lad yet again.
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good evening. bob ryan, storm center 4. few rain showers our way. but ready or not, this is not what rain showers are up in canada today, this is what they were dealing with. this is labrador. i know. you are not ready for this. if you want to get out and do practice cross-country skiing, cold weather up that a way. it is august. tomorrow morning, heading out to school, there will be a few rain showers. temperatures around 70 degrees. more rain during the day. i will tell you more later. back to you. >> thanks, bob. looking now at home video of a rock slide outside of popular hotel at yosemite national park. tourists staying at the hotel had to be evacuated. some of the vehicles in the hotel parking lot were damaged because of that slide. nobody was injured, though. some of the rocks were as big as microwave ovens we are told. the hotel is expected to reopen
6:44 pm
by tomorrow. in california firefighters are trying to put out fast moving wildfire. both end of the state. the biggest one is near lake san antonio in northern california. already more than 2,000 acres burned there. that fire started in a mobile home yesterday afternoon. quickly spread and forced evacuation of about 20 nearby homes. in southern california firefighters have been working to put out a brush pyre near the angeles crest highway. 20 acres burn said far there. >> the space shuttle discovery launch has been rescheduled yet again. aiming for the launch late tomorrow night. the third attempt to send discovery to the international space station. the managers are hoping the launch at one minute until midnight tomorrow. they considered trying for a liftoff early tomorrow morning. but engineered one -- wanted more time to study the fuel valve problem that scuttled the second launch attempt. aaspttt w first attempt was called off beuse of thunderstorms.
6:45 pm
when discovery takes off i wusil be carrying an astronaut from our area. retired army colonel patrick forester and graduated from west springfield hi. coming up in our broadcast, government planning to use webcast to distribute important information about the swine flu. >> on the golf course, tiger woods is back. he is doing okay. the redskins competitive on the field and off the field especially when it comes to who is the best dressed. plus, the players love chris cooley's fat-head. see what we are talking about.
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you don't care about any other preseason game all year long. it is a fair bet that pretty much everybody is going to be watching tonight. won't they? >> there will be a lot of eyeballs. that's for sure. easily the most anticipated game in the preseason. michael vick back on the field for the first time in more than would years. last night vick had a conversation with the mentor tony dungy. former colts coach told vick not to overreact to how people react to you. that remains one of the biggest questions going into vick's eagles debut tonight. how will the fans react? history says if struck plays well, then the fans will quickly forget about everything else. the eagles hosting the jaguars and vick is expected to play early in the game. as a matter of fact, one report said he might even be in on the first play of the game. he will even be in there at the same time starting quarterback donovan mcnabb. how long show plays according to eagles head coach andy reid depends on how he reacts to live game action. years ago when the redskins went away to training cam in
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carlisle, one of the things they looked forward to was coming to the welcome home luncheon when they returned. an event that signified the end of training camp p the fans don't go to training camp anymore but still have the welcome home luncheon. hundreds of fans packed the tysons ritz-carlton for a chance to meet redskins coaches and players as always quite a fashion show. the clinton portis, purple suit, sunglasses insi. second year tight end, fred davis. rocking the hat. cooley's suit was nice. normal compared to some of the others. kevin barnes with the ascot. part of the unit that dubbed themselves it is best dressed on the team. the defensive backs. right, fred smoot? >> used to be a defensive back is like -- a model-type guy. you know, that's why all dress and look good. >> you can't show me one -- they
6:50 pm
see them playing. i can't -- you know, i think we dress nice. dbs, you know, everybody, prima donnas over there. we are the defense. divas out there. divas out there. ain't nothing better than dbs. who has to keep with us. look at it. dbs. divas of the nfl. >> look at me. nice. smooth. divas. >> nobody comes close. >> divas. >> you know what you say when landry tells you to your face he is a diva. you say okay. >> you are. >> i believe anything you say. that was a fun time out there today. afternoon game in chicago for the national, not only won the game but the series. giving the national as 14-11 record in august. the guys on pace for the first winning month of the season.
6:51 pm
man, how things changed. top of the first where we start. nationals up 1-0. ryan zimmerman at the plate. takes the pitch deep and gone. over the ivy, two-run home run. couple fighting for the ball. wants to throw it back and says no, that's home run number 27 zimmerm zimmerman. bottom seven. nats up 5-3. tyler clifford on the mound. pops one up to short right field. ronnie belliard coming over from second. i got it. i got it. almost drops it. hangs on to it. ball bounces around there for a minimum. thank goodness i got that one. same inning. burnett with the low pitch that gets away from bosch bard. lee coming in to score. burnett tags him for the out. that was the difference. look again. quick reaction there by josh bard. way to g it down by burnett. nationals beat the cubs 5-4. fairfax county news. steve marino has done just about
6:52 pm
everything on the pga tour except win. he finished second three times in the last two years and he 'won close to $4 million over the time span as well. now he wants his first victory. marino got off to a good start this week where he tied for the lead at six under par. let's go to new jersey. first round. start with tiger woods and back on the court for course for the first time since the pga championship. tiger on the par 3. from about 195 yards out. safe to say that tiger is going to take this one. likes the tee shot. and likes the putt even better because he will drain this for a birdie. only two birdies on the day for tiger woods. one under for the round. five shots behind this guy. steve marino from fairfax. second shot on the 17th hole. steve marino was like thing one. he was just on fire today. that sets up a birdie and shoots a 65, three-way tie for the lead at six under par. back at redskins park. there has been a rumor going around chris cooley has a
6:53 pm
fat-head. real life fat-head. nobody believed it but we found out it was true. you see, this is a fat-head. seven-foot tall picture of chris cooley. stuck it on the wall at practice to see what the players thought. rookie defensive end brian orakpo saying how he measured up and said okay, i think i like it. cooley and clinton portis, only two redskins who have their own fat-heads. you see kids hanging these things on their walls. it was like a car crash. everybody had to look at it. then couldn't help. everybody liked it. >> can you tell me what you think -- >> obvious this -- i don't know. looks good. >> arms are bigger. no. looks normal. >> what about the look on his face? >> surprised. that's chris cooley. >> i like it. >> hang it on the wall. >> i don't want to hang it on my wall. >> i see cooley every day. i like it, though. >> what about the look on his face? >> look is like -- take that.
6:54 pm
i don't want to tell you. >> that's the look. that's the look. take that. >> reporter: i'm going to be honest with you. >> judge big the gloves and cleats i'm wearing i can see it was my first or second year. i can't remember what the look really is. i look a little bit tired. i seem happy, right? in awe. maybe it was my first touchdown. >> i thought he looked perplexed. when i told him that he gave me that perplexed look. santana moss said where is my fat-head? everybody wants a fat-head. >> do you have one? >> i don't. >> can you get me one? >> i will be able to hook you up. i take care of you. coming up in our broadcast, we will tell you how the government will use webcast to snelu info.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
government is using the web to educate americans about swine flu prevention. the u.s. health and human services department is launching their largest multimedia campaign. it includes things like facebook, youtube, twitter. also featured a series of webcasts that are called mo what to do about the flu. webcast covers everything from how to avoid the flu to the new vaccine available mid october. they hope the medical officials and the public are ready. let's get a final weather check. >> few showers. ing in too big. i ink we will be seeing more tomorrow. and with the clouds, breaks in
6:58 pm
the clouds last night. and had this greatpicture. mark brown in springfield took through his telescope p last night, two of the moons of jupiter were passing in front of jupiter. that's that very, very bright object you may notice in the southern sky at night. and cast it is shadow and the is your it of the jupiter. quite a picture through the telescope. later tonight we are going to seeing more showers and tomorrow, too. temperatures tomorrow only in the high 70s to 80, 82 degrees. and danny goes by and may give us morning showers. i think saturday afternoon will be just partly sunny. still on the humid side. can't rule out a few showers also on sunday. by no means weekend washout. dry air coming in. monday, tuesday and wednesday next week looks great. back to you. >> sounds good. tonight at 11: a live report from boston. mourners are lining up to pay their respects to senator ted kennedy. we are also learning more about the identity theft ring that stole thousands from ben bernanke and all began with a purse and n a coffee shop.
6:59 pm
michael vick makes his nfl return tonight. what is the reaction going to be in philadelphia and around the country? join us at 11:00. frank who lives in scarsdale, new york, 83 years old now, he and his daughter were headed for a wedding in connecticut last weekend on a highway in new york state and drunk driver comes up smashes right into the back of his car and kept on going. canalli went after him. the chase lasted 15 minutes, all the way to the house in danbury, connecticut. canalli parked in the driveway and waited for the can cops to show. by the time they finished filling out police reports in two states, they missed the wedding. canalli says he is sorry he missed the wedding but said he was worried the drunk guy was going to kill somebody. had had to do when he had to do. that's our broadcast for now.


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